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Whether you retain Claro Development for any or all of our services, your project will benefit from our unique structure, trust, and holistic understanding that is essential for any business venture and particularly in the world of real estate.

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Owner's Representatives

As an owner's representative, Claro leads all aspects of the development process, including financing and project management. We may become involved in a joint venture partnership or act as an internal development division.

Owner's Reps & Design/Builders

There is a natural symmetry that is realized when Claro serves as the owner's representative as well as the design/builder. Because we personally represent the owner, we are in greater touch and better equipped to deliver exactly what is expected during the design and building phases.


In our role as design/builders, we provide a single source of responsibility and accountability for the development of a project. So you enjoy the efficiency of having a single, dedicated team executing all of the services needed.

Project Management & Design/Builders

In our dual role as a project manager and design/builder, Claro is able to provide a seamless experience throughout the entire process. Quite frankly, there is no room for misinterpretation among parties, because we are the party.


The Claro Development team comprises experts in real estate development, construction, finance, architecture, planning, and design.

Owner's Reps & Project Management

Utilizing Claro Development as both an owner's representative and project manager, our clients enjoy an even smoother process and greater communication throughout the project.

Project Management

Claro Development manages projects by overseeing design, obtaining approvals and providing all the necessary resources to fully develop the project through construction.