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The Essex Hotel

Client(s): Brio Investment Group
Project Type: Hospitality
Services: Owner's Representative, Project Management

Built in 1938, the Essex Hotel hotel was a landmark in need of a facelift. In order for it to compete with the surrounding market, the Essex required a full-scale renovation.

The owner approached Claro to undertake an overall upgrade that would include interior and exterior public spaces, as well as guest rooms and suites. The objective was to give the hotel a big makeover while working with a small budget. Due to the financial constraints and the temporal nature of the makeover, it was imperative that some existing furnishings be revamped and reused. Upholstered furniture was refreshed with new slipcovers, and new accessories were added to add a layer of detail that had long been absent. The majority of the renovation work was in the bar/lounge. Improvements were made to the ceiling, lighting, bar top, bar front, bottle display and lounge seating. New furnishings and accessories were also added to the porch and pool deck, giving these areas a much-needed improvement in curb appeal.

The hotel is now more inviting, sophisticated and vibrant. The coupling of new and recycled elements allowed for a creative solution within a tight budget and helped restore the reputation of a historic building.

Owner: Brio Investment Group
Location: Miami Beach, FL
Project Type: Hospitality
Number of Rooms: 74
Amenities: Lobby, Lounge/Bar, Courtyard, Pool Deck
Budget: $125,000