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Moda Xpress

Client(s): Moda Xpress Inc.
Project Type: Commercial
Services: Project Management, Owner's Representative, Design/Build

Moda Xpress made its mark in South Beach by offering young shoppers trendy, but affordable fashion. In other words, stylish designs without designer prices.

Having worked with Claro to implement improvements to its original location, Moda Xpress approached us to create a new store that would serve as a prototype for all future roll-outs.

The new location in the Westland Mall in Hialeah was not without its challenges, the biggest of which were designing within very strict criteria and building in an already fully operational shopping center. Additionally, while the budget was limited, the goal was to surpass the aesthetics of the flagship store.

In an effort to use materials efficiently - mindful of that budget - slat wall was incorporated as an integral design element, serving as both a "rich" wall and ceiling cladding, as well as a vehicle for display.

By using a limited number and neutral palette of materials, we were able to achieve a clean backdrop for the merchandise and create uniformity throughout the store. Bold, floor-to-ceiling graphics were added to walls in key areas of the store to accentuate Moda Xpress's trademark sense of style.

Owner: Moda Xpress Inc.
Location: Hialeah, FL
Square Footage: 7,500 Sq Ft
Project Type: Commercial