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Ocean Terrace (In progress)

Client(s): Ocean Terrace Holdings
Project Type: Residential, Hospitality, Commercial
Services: Development, Owner's Representative, Project Management

The Vision for Ocean Terrace

Current Condition

Today, Ocean Terrace and upper Collins Avenue have many derelict buildings, crime and businesses that do not serve North Beach residents or visitors.  

Bringing Vision to Life

To revitalize a neighborhood, you need both a great vision and a solid and experienced team of professionals. Great design, planning and implementation will reshape the area and bring back the life, the vibrancy, and engage the physical space with the oceanfront beauty.  This vision is inspired by the lively commercial and tourist area that existed in the 1950’s and 60’s along upper Collins Avenue and Ocean Terrace and will look to this past in shaping the future. The owners will preserve the heritage of the area by restoring the important historic buildings. The ethos of this reborn district will be a beautiful outdoor experience on Ocean Terrace and a great neighborhood retail district on upper Collins Avenue.

The revitalization will also provide needed economic stimulus for the North Beach area with hundreds of quality local, full-time jobs for residents.  This supports one of the major objectives and goals of the North Beach community.

Vision Highlights

  • Redeveloped and preserved historic hotels on Ocean Terrace.
  • There are no high quality hotel rooms on Ocean Terrace.  Increasing the FAR is going to allow for the creation of high quality hotel rooms.
  • Lively streets, bringing life to facades of buildings that are currently dormant.
  • Imagine an elegant and active lobby like the Betsy Hotel, the Raleigh Hotel or Soho Beach House on the Ocean in North Beach.  Imagine ocean front restaurants where you can enjoy great food and beverage and look at the sea.
  • Taller and thinner buildings are more elegant and less impactful on the built environment than a shorter wide building.  Sun Studies show almost zero impact to the beach from building shadows.
  • A decrease in density (number of units) and a decrease in traffic, this has been independently verified by the City Planning and Zoning Department, the Florida Department of Transportation, and the South Florida Regional Planning Council.
  • Increase in parking as new retail on Collins Avenue will have dedicated parking, this is something that no other retail on Collins Avenue currently provides.
  • High quality local retailers that are for the local community.  An inspiration for the retail is the rebirth of Sunset Harbor, Miami Beach.  Establishments like Ice Box, Panther Coffee, Starbucks, and Epicure are favorites of Miami Beach locals.  The changes in the Zoning support bringing this caliber of retail into the local community.